Analog Panel Meters

Analog Panel Meters

L&T's Ivory series of analog panel meters and current transformers provide you with reliable monitoring and indication of various electrical parameters.

The product range includes:

  • Ammeters
  • Voltmeters
  • Watt-meters
  • VAR meters
  • Power factor meters
  • Frequency meters

  • Current transformers
  • Rectangular
  • Ring type

The analog meters have wide current measuring range of 100 mA to 100 A in direct measurement type and upto 4000A in CT operated type ammeters.Voltage measuring range of 6V to 750V. They provide flexibility and ease in interchange ability of scales thus reducing the inventory levels.

Available in sizes of 72 x 72, 96 x 96 and 144 x 144 and scale- 90 degree, the limited range of CTs includes the 7 most popular sizes with ratio ratings from 30/5 to 4000/5. It also has a wide range of current ratings, busbar sizes, case widths and apertures. They have sealable terminal covers with base mounting and busbar mounting option. They are used in switchgear, distribution system, generator sets, control panels, overload protection.